Great Artistry: The Timelessness of Time

I feel that the greatest writings come from the soul. They speak for themselves; they do not need the monotonous endless string of verbs and adjectives…I don’t know….there is just something about them that sparks the magic within. It moves me in a way that leaves me speechless.  Great artistry, whether it be the music sheets of Brahms sweeping through the dusty sidewalks and ragged edges of time, or Akiane Kramarik, a beautiful soul expressing the divinity of creation through her paintings…in these moments when I stumble across these works, time becomes timeless. Beauty transcends our overly fast-paced society, and blossoms its buds into a fully formed flower.

It is our innate ability to innovate, to create…to express fully what is within ourselves. Go for your dreams. Don’t expect anything, simply trust in the universe, in your own innate power. This power is your birthright. In those silent moments when awareness floods our sleeping consciousness, we remember that this was never given to us, nor was it ever taken away. It is, simply and beautifully, who we are. And we are eternal.



A Messenger…

Needing Inspiration?

Whenever you need inspiration, go out and do something you’ve never done before. Not knowing what to expect out of any given situation can be daunting, but let’s think about it….

Not having inspiration means you’ve lost interest in what you’re currently doing. So…what to do next? It’s this simple…start something new! Finding it hard to change? Don’t listen to your head telling you this and that, over complicating your life. Just listen to your heart. It’s that simple.

Two months ago,  I made a life changing decision…to take time off my studies and work instead. Doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, does it? But for me, it was more than just that. It showed me all that is possible, and the power of the human spirit. Ever feel like you’re being pressured by society? Always trying to get to where people ‘expect’ you to be because ‘you’re not good enough where you are’. Ah, the famous line. We’ve all heard that at least a dozen times before. So maybe we should just quit trying. You know what? I don’t try anymore. I just do what I like, whenever I like. But that doesn’t mean I’m lazy. Far from it. I’m always trying new things, going out there and meeting different people, and even on occasion talking to the owner of the shop on the street corner or the lady selling fruits at the local markets! Life is full of fun. Everyone has something unique to contribute, to give. You can give too. All it takes is for you to just be yourself and have the time of your life every single day!

To innovate…

There is nothing in life that is not affected by you. Every word you say, every deed you put your heart and soul into, is felt by the universe. The universe responds to you.

Thus, a song is created, a kind of rhythmic flow which we call life. It is within this pattern of creating and responding that geniuses are born, records are broken, and the power to innovate gives birth to a way of living formerly unheard of. Yet, all this ‘genius’ had done is ask…and she/he received…

You are no different, you know. You can do it too. A pioneer is one who constantly creates anew, untainted by the rigid structures of a monotonous society. You are the power. So…create!

There is, in truth, nothing that has not already been created, everything already exists. You are merely the instrument through which that creation is able to manifest. Merely…yes. But you are important. Without you, fragrant arrays of colors, the touch of a scorching sun on a hot summer day, an innovator’s pride…all these things would be impossible. 

Looking for Answers?

The soul is the human epiphany, the essence of all creation made manifest in this universe. It is through this illusory perception that we are able to have an experience that is truly empowering, self serving and ultimately rewarding…

The infinite has many expressions, it’s main ones most often being Love and Fear. It is our perception of the way in which the infinite manifests itself that makes us react the way we do to so many things in life. What we all too often do not realize is that our thoughts, emotions and actions are not who we are…


Who we are is not the expression, but the unexpressed, the intangible. For it is within this energy space that we are everything and nothing…everything we thought we were begins to merge with everything we truly are in every moment.


Life becomes eternal, and ‘death’ as we know it takes on a completely different persona. Simply because…we have grown in our awareness of who we are through choosing to live in alignment with the universe.

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Words of Wisdom

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”

-Mahatma Ghandi

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Unconditonal Love…Creation is always with you!

I think taking responsibility for your own life means making a change everyday. Work everyday towards BEING, not DOING. It takes effort. But what I know is that I am committed to my life. To living it. To making it work 24 hours 7 days a week. For me, making it work means progressing. Being better. Aspiring higher. Stretching my perception of what is possible to the point that ‘impossible’ doesn’t exist anymore. I feel it’s important to be at total peace with myself and emanate that out into the world. That way, I know that whatever is going on ‘out there’ is okay. Inside of me I am at peace, in alignment, and no one, no matter how high or mighty they think they are, can change that.

Some people find this hard to conceptualize, but the truth of the matter is, our lives as most of us perceive them are an illusion. We are essence, all that is in this moment, having an experience. What you are experiencing right now is simply one blink of an eye within eternity. Forever. There is no time-it’s all an illusion. When you clear your mind of all thought, all business, and retreat into the depths of your soul, you will understand what I mean. There is a deep knowingness there that no force can penetrate. It is all of life itself, not yet formed into an expression…leaving infinitesimal possibility. It is there that you will find yourself. So go, my friend, if you so choose. For once you experience this there is no turning back. You know what you know, and your life changes accordingly. It will become whatever you make it out to be. Gone will be the blaming on others for your own creations, for the creation that is now your life. For you will know that your life is your responsibility. Your joy and your one and only truth.


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Enter Creation: Expanded Awareness

When I look at people, I see in them myself. Similarly, when I look at myself, I see them in me. When I get angry every now and then, I see a reflection of other peoples’ negativity. Words of criticism I said to others, I now realize in myself. In a sense, we are all a reflection of each other, if we so choose. Being spiritual simply means to be creative. To stop reacting to others’ negative energies, and starting to push out beautiful, positive energy towards others’ negativity as well as our own. It also means to go beyond duality, and understand, that what is, simply is. Do what you like with it. Go explore and expand your awareness to heights you never before imagined possible. And know, all along, that this is simply an experience. You are infinite consciousness and nothing can stop you. You already ‘know everything’. The answers are simply inside of you, waiting to be realized.

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An effort to create world peace

We can’t change things by simply sitting at our desks, expecting someone else to do it. Because what has happened so far? It’s got us nowhere. In an effort to relieve our guilt we make excuses to ourselves; we create a self-imposed environment of dishonesty. What of the hungry children? What of you? What of me? Do we feel good about this?

Everyday when I wake up, I wonder what we can do to make the world a better place. But wondering isn’t enough. We have to act. Now. That’s one of the hardest things to do. Firstly, because many of us are just so busy with our own lives through no fault of our own, secondly often because it’s just so much easier doing nothing. I’m not putting down the fault card on anyone, because I’m not completely innocent of that accusation either. All I’m saying here is, we at least need to try to change. When I went for a walk today to clear my head and get a grip on things, I realized just how much I care. We all do, don’t we? I feel the pain of a starving child in India or Africa inside of me.

We are all brothers and sisters of the one human family. I can’t begin to express how much I love each and every one of you. Let us strive towards world peace, first through being at peace with ourselves. Don’t struggle. Don’t fight. Just go with the flow of the gentle stream caressing the rocks, the wind silencing all self-doubt. “Be the change you want to see for the world.” So, what are we waiting for? Have faith in yourself. Because you know what? I have faith in you.

The power of Nature

Sometimes it feels like life is getting in the way. Like you can’t find your way out of a tangled web; it’s creeping up on you and you don’t know how to stop it. Amidst all the hustle and bustle of daily life, you feel lost. Like you can’t find your way home…back to the simplicity of things. And so you try to avoid the problem by becoming immersed in dreamland. But when you come back, the problem is still there, staring you in the face.

We all get lost sometimes. That feeling of not knowing what to do with your life. As for me, there are a million and one things I want to do, but how to apply them? This world seems so complicated to me at times. At times like these, I just like to sit back and relax by a stream, hear the water flowing and the birds humming…It calms me. It is there that I find the answers. 🙂